International Awards Gallery

While visiting Cuba, I stopped at this boxing gym, where young athletes train to become boxers
Cuba 2018

Capturing real emotions are the essentials of being a successful wedding photographer 
Tanya & Jay NY 2015

Yes! The Bride is the Queen, and the Groom is the King
Joey & Nicole - NY 2016

The symbol of Love it's a Heart....
Ayelet & Alex - Milano 2017

For this shot the NYPD allowed me to have only this shot at the Lincoln Center but was worth it
Ashley & Josh NYC Lincoln Center 2015

Destination Session are my favorite !
Jasmine & Yoni - Las Vegas 2017

The eyes are the key of your soul
Maya 2016

This is one of my favorite image and I am very proud that has won an Award
Bita & Al - NY 2017

Getting the beauty of Cuba
-Cuba  2018

Celebrating Your Love, this is what is important
Renee & Marco - NYC 2015

Allow me to get the most beautiful portraits of you
Chaviva & Jeremy 2017

Glamour & Fashion Bride & Groom, why not?
Natalie & Jake NY 2017

When the Bride is speechless, it fills up my heart
Ashley NY 2015

This is your day you have been waiting since you were a kid, now let me capture it.
Tami & Seth - NY 2016